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Brooklawn Residence

Beverly Hills, CA

8000 SF

A. Quincy Jones designed this mid-century modern masterpiece in 1973. The Smalley house is one of the largest single-family homes created by Jones. With a deep respect for the original residence, Scrafano Architects sensitively reconfigured the interior layout to accommodate contemporary lifestyle requirements. Many of the iconic elements of the original design were restored including the river rock pebble flooring, interior gardens, Douglas fir clad ceilings, brick fireplace and concrete block walls. The design team strived to strike an aesthetic balance between respectful restoration and appropriate renovation while merging the new owner’s needs for modern comfort within a classic architectural icon. The encouragement of open collaboration and constant dialogue guided the firm’s creative and design process and its approach to client service, which both parallel Jones' life long style of work. Photography by Tracey Landworth Black & White Photography by Julius Shulman in 1973