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Scrafano Architects

Architectural Record

"Church Conversion"

Program: For a family of five, the designer and architect sought to gut and renovate a building that had been partially converted from a 5,500-square-foot church to a residential space, preserving historic elements of the existing structure while updating the home with modern conveniences.

Solution: In dividing the cavernous building into a 7-bedroom, 6-bathroom, single-family residence located on top of a separate ground-floor unit, the design and architecture team began by relocating the kitchen to the central nave of the former church. The new, open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area sits beneath 25-foot-high vaulted ceilings and a large, original stained-glass window. A see-through fireplace connects the multipurpose great room to an additional family room. The architect extended the lofted bedroom area, adding an exposed catwalk and cantilevered staircase. At the building's highest point, the designer converted an 11-by-11-foot bell tower room, which formerly housed the HVAC unit, into a compact entertaining space with custom countertops, a wine fridge, and clear plastic furnishings.
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