Scrafano Architects


I hold the work, integrity, and quality of Scrafano Architects in the highest esteem. They are wonderful at listening to your ideas and ensuring you are happy with all that is being designed well before anything is built. They will always point toward quality but will try and save you money by offering alternatives along the way. They are also very good project managers and will keep you in the communication loop every step of the way.
We are currently on the fourth phase of major rehabs in our loft apartment in West Loop. We wanted light, space, comfort, a dynamic for entertaining, and an interesting use of environmentally friendly materials and are very happy with the results. It is now such a beautiful unit that it has been published in Midwest Home Magazine, CS Magazine, and most recently Chicago Tribune Magazine.

Leah Missbach Day, client

I knew I wanted to transform our house, but I was unsure of what was possible. Elissa and her team brought enthusiasm and momentum that really made the project happen. They knew immediately what I was going for and somehow managed to not just bring my vision to life but improve on it in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I truly love everything about my house and was so fortunate to have Scrafano Architects with me every step of the way.

Karen Russell, client

As a designer and entrepreneur, I look for an expert to direct me the way I direct my clients. From site selection to opening day, Scrafano Architects helped me realize the vision for my boutique. Elissa does not have the word “no” in her vocabulary; as a client, that is invaluable. I always want Scrafano Architects on the ground floor of a project because they makes me think about things differently―whether it is how to save square footage or design inspiration from her travels.

Maria Pinto, client

Scrafano Architects made the entire experience of our remodel actually enjoyable. They let us know what to expect and then delivered seamlessly on every point. Our home is absolutely magnificent and suits the needs of our family perfectly. I feel that Scrafano Architects truly understood our vision and then made it a reality.

Jennifer Lang & Peter Micelli, cleints

The best decision we ever made was to hire Scrafano Architects. She and her team made our home remodel a real pleasure. She’s incredibly collaborative and provided a strong design and architecture voice to guide us to our final choices. She was the first call we made after we recently closed escrow on our second home. We’re looking forward to working with her again!

Heather & Greg Jacobs, clients

Scrafano Architects started by listening. From our first meeting with Elissa and Carol, it was clear that they would take the time to get to know us and to understand our dreams of what our home could be. They encouraged a true collaboration throughout the entire process. They worked to design something great that fit the way our family lives and fit our budget. Our home is located in a historic district that doesn’t see a lot of modern architecture. Scrafano’s design is testament to how beautifully a modern addition can relate to an historic home.

Laura O’Shea, client

I’ve been working with Scrafano Architects for years, and our relationship has developed into a true partnership. They are easy to work with, thorough, and bring a design sensibility to my projects that make everyone look good. As a result, our clients are always happy, and the list is always growing.

Damon Allred, President, Handcrafted Construction Inc.

Scrafano Architects brought a level of creativity and intensity to the project which could have only been born out of their passion for design.

Danny Schlichte, Property Manager, One River Place

Elissa and her team worked closely with our designer and myself in a collaboration that produced a piece of functional art that should stand the rest of time.

Kenneth Campbell Davis, Jr., client

We have had a great experience with Elissa Scrafano and her team at Scrafano Architects.  From the beginning they have been extremely easy to work with, very professional, timely, and responsive. This was very important as we spend a considerable time traveling. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Robert & Philippa Lindemann, clients

Elissa and her associates are a dream to work with; they are creative, prepared and thorough. I always welcome the opportunity to work on projects with them, as I know the outcome will be stellar.

Adrienne E. Gentry, client

Elissa and her team are about service and quality.  They have an ability to transform my random thought into something made from concrete, wood, and steel and create something more beautiful in the process.  They interface with the contractor that makes the process easier and bring the “fun” into construction.

Thomas Lavin, client

Working with Scrafano Architects is a pleasure.  Elissa and Carol are professional, smart, and flexible. Most importantly, they work well with every type of personality, including our team and contractors, and make the design process a breeze. Customers notice and love the new store design.

Jennifer Strom Simonte, Owner, Belly Dance Maternity

Scrafano Architects is absolutely superb. They have a top tier design perspective and are still willing to work on smaller projects. You get more than your highest expectations when they work on a project. There is no detail too small for them to consider and yet they always keep their eye on overall consistency of vision.  They are inventive about materials and costs. They brought us great, cost effective materials and helped us decide where to splurge and where to scrimp.  Unqualified recommendation for any project, any time.

Elizabeth Evans, client

Scrafano Architects are inspirational design collaborators.  Elissa and her team provide an empowering environment for the successful design of both the architecture and the seamless connection to the Garden.

Mark Tessier, Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture

Our house was built in the 1890s and had been renovated by previous owners a few times over the years.  After 15 years living there, we enlisted Scrafano Architects because we wanted a house that offered more space and better reflected our aesthetic taste.  You could say that we had stopped loving our house.  Elissa and team were able to quickly suggest new ways to solve core architectural challenges that resulted in a much more attractive and livable home.  From day one, they actively solicited our design wishes and encouraged our involvement in all phases of the project.  Their collaborative approach produced many excellent features including a cozy new family room addition and revamped exterior facades.  We are thrilled with the results and absolutely love our home again.

Mark Scanlan, client

I enjoyed working with Elissa and her team during the design and construction of my home. It was a bewildering process at first, but they were great taking the rough ideas I had and integrating them into a unified vision. They were supportive and helpful through the construction process and were a crucial part of seeing the project through to successful completion.

Nathan Mendel, client

Scrafano Architects are fantastic to work with for new design on your home. They are a world-class group of people. Every part of the process—from drawings to implementation and follow-up―was flawless; I love my new kitchen!

Suzanne White, client

Having known Elissa Scrafano for some time before tackling my renovation, I knew working with Scrafano Architects would be a collaborative, creative, and rewarding process. And that is just what unfolded. My project was like many others: the addition of a master suite and a master bath as well as an extensive renovation of the kitchen and existing bath.  I came to the table with many, many ideas (I love architecture and design and have studied it informally as a hobby for years), which Elissa and her group helped me to refine. Their knowledge and ideas were endless with respect to the possible layout and design choices, materials and fixtures for my renovation. It made the process a truly great experience.

David Lessoff, client

Having had the pleasure to work with Scrafano Architects both professionally and personally, I can attest to their creativity, problem-solving expertise, and follow-through. I highly recommend Elissa and her team.

Dawn Mattozzi, client

My house was a complete, down-to-the-studs renovation. Elissa and her team came to me with dozens of wonderful suggestions and ideas on how to make this rundown, outdated house spectacular. I added space, tore down walls and opened up the front entryway to make it an airy, two story space. At the start, the project seemed incredibly daunting. Under the guidance of Elissa and her team, it proved to be seamless and stress free. Thanks to Scrafano Architects, my house was transformed before my eyes and became a home I didn’t want to leave.

Kerry Schmidt, client

We absolutely love the house. It’s a fabulous place to live. The vibe of the house is different every day based on the sky and the weather. During “June Gloom” it feels like we live on a cruise ship – all you can see is the railing and the fog. It’s also a house that nurtures the creative spirit. Blacky has completed two novels here. I was originally a painter and illustrator and I’ve started doing life-size horse paintings again and have already received two commissions and done very well in a couple of juried competitions. We are very happy in our funky glass house. Thanks for being part of bringing her back into the light.

Adina Baker, client

We have really enjoyed working with Elissa and her team at Scrafano Architects. They listened closely to what we wanted and came up with designs that were absolutely perfect and tailored for our tastes and needs.

Nina Walton, client

We were looking to build a second home for multi-generational living to our small property. Scrafano Architects took our basic idea of putting an apartment over a garage and elevated the concept to having a stunning modern loft home that surprised & exceeded our expectations.

Steven Plutte, client

Working with Scrafano Architects is a general contractor’s dream. They provide a seamless mesh of architectural brilliance and charm and a direct approach to construction in a caring way. The entire staff in the office and on-site is a pleasure to work with and a perfect fit with my construction team.

Doug Raub, general contractor

Four years ago, we built a studio/office for my husband who is an artist, and we have just finished remodeling our home.  Scrafano Architects did an amazing job on both of these projects.  They listened to what we really needed and wanted in our spaces and were very creative and thorough in their designs.  We highly recommend this company.

Lewanne & Damian Elwes, clients

If you need architectural services, Scrafano Architects is your solution.  They turned my constrained kitchen space into a functioning chef’s haven.

Susan Taves, Sweet Cassava Restaurant

We had an exceptional experience working with Scrafano Architects.  They understood our aesthetic completely and successfully realized our ideas and hopes for the house.  They are very knowledgeable about products, manufacturers, and design elements and it was a pleasure collaborating with them.  We were also impressed with Scrafano Architects’ professionalism—they were responsible, on time, and always prepared.  We could not recommend Elissa and her team more highly.

Nina Lederman & Rowena Arguelles, clients

We have worked with Scrafano Architects on several projects and have enjoyed a successful partnership each time.  They are cognizant of the structural requirements of a building and are able to incorporate those needs in their design.  The architects at Scrafano are knowledgeable,  professional and a pleasure to work with.

Jeff Pribyl, structural engineer, SP Engineers

We have done several projects with Scrafano Architects, and perhaps the greatest thing about working with them is that they opened our eyes to so many possibilities―things we had never thought of and sometimes didn’t think were possible. We have presented them with some pretty tough challenges in the past and have always been impressed with what they have delivered.

Bryan Herb, Zoom Vacations

Scrafano Architects excels at creative problem solving, and their sophisticated aesthetic makes an impact on every project they work on.

Joel Cabrera, Zoom Vacations

It was an absolute honor to work with Elissa and Tom on our home remodel. Our house was a closed in, claustrophobic ranch style house, with a tiny galley kitchen and a back door that cut through the third bedroom. Our goals were to remodel the house so it would be open, airy, and contemporary, with increased storage space and a better layout that would be more conducive to entertaining, which is something we love to do!  Plus we desperately needed a master bedroom/bathroom. Scrafano came up with ingenious ways to accomplish all our goals and made sure that everything happened on time and on budget. I have heard so many horror stories from friends who had architects who designed unrealistic plans, or checked out once the design phase was done, or worse.  Elissa and Thomas really care; they were with us throughout the whole process, and we even opted to have them help us with the interior design details like paint color and finish materials (sinks, lights, etc.). Our home remodel was in no way a huge job; to the contrary, it was an extremely modest remodel in the grand scheme of things.  But we always felt like we had as much of Elissa and Tom’s attention to detail and care as if it were a multimillion-dollar endeavor.  It was a very fun, gratifying experience.  How many people do you know can say that about their home remodel?!  And now it’s a couple of years later, and we’re just as happy with it as we were the first day the remodel was finished.

Trudi Roth, client

Elissa Scrafano was our architect in redesigning our kitchen floor plan and they did an amazing job. The kitchen came out beautiful and spacious and everything we expected. They are a great team and we would recommend them any day.

Nadia & Jeffrey Saad, client

The greatest thing about working with Elissa and her team is that their impeccable taste is only rivaled by their sweet and collaborative nature.

Kent Alterman, client

I have loved working with Scrafano Architects over the years.  The process is fun and organic and they really engage the whole team.  The result is a great design that is well built for a happy client.

Brian Barry, Intrinsic Landscaping, Inc

I’ve worked with Scrafano Architects on a number of projects over the years, and they always put 150 percent into the project. Her entire team is a well-oiled machine, and you can rely on them. In this industry, where you see a lot of people promise things and not come through, Scrafano Architects always delivers.

Thomas Walsh, client

We have worked with Scrafano Architects for the past year and have been extremely pleased with the results, as have our client. Everyone on the team is reliable, professional and attentive. The quality of work is excellent and the service ethic is such that we have no complaints. They’ve exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend them.

Michele Mann, Philippa Radon Design

I want you to know that working with your team has been such a pleasure and because of your coordination with your structural engineer before finalizing the architectural really limits the change orders during construction, which benefits the clients.

Mehdi Saberi, structural engineer, Saberi & Associates Inc.

My mother hired Scrafano Architects to build her new home.  My mother intended to build a traditional style home, but, she met with Elissa Scrafano and decided to hire her, knowing she might not get something exactly traditional. We have a difficult site in many ways, and those difficulties became the fount of the strength of the design that Scrafano came up with.  Once the basic shape of the house was decided, then we worked with them for many, many hours going over each square inch thoroughly, and the architects were attentive to my mother’s wants and needs, and they used the principles of their profession to get her what she wanted, and blend that with what worked for the site. During the planning of and construction of a new home, problems naturally arise, and they did, and were taken care of promptly, and well, and never became disputes. My mother loved the house she ended up with.  Scrafano Architects did a fine job, and made the whole process interesting and doable.  Blending art and function is difficult.  Scrafano Architects did it. Beautifully.

Bill Swearinger, client

We are delighted to recommend the team at Scrafano Architects. Elissa and Karin patiently worked with us to make sure that all of our needs were met, and, as a result, seamlessly updated our 90-year old home. Their hard work included navigating the city bureaucracy to get our permit, and continued through the entire construction phase, during which time they worked with our contractor and other subcontractors, always with an attention to detail that ensured the finished product would be one that we wanted. In the end, we could not be happier with the work of Scrafano Architects.

Jim Nicolay, client

Doing a complete makeover of your first real house can be and is daunting; however, Elissa and Thomas (and the whole Scrafano team) made it a much easier process.  From our initial meetings, it was clear that they not only wanted to incorporate our various needs/desires into the house, but also stay true to the house’s initial character.  They were extremely helpful in all areas, introducing us to contractors, subs, designers etc. while also providing their opinions on all sorts of questions.  They are very professional, but also extremely personable, providing much needed leadership throughout the process. They completely transformed the house from a mid-century relic to an updated home with charm, character and warmth.

Ronald & Heather Kaplan, client

I enjoy working with Scrafano Architects because of their creativity. The projects that I have worked on with them transformed ordinary into special. They have a unique and very creative vision.

Larry Smith, President, Lawrence Construction, Inc

Scrafano Architects and team were enormously helpful during all complicated processes of applying for permits and figuring out how to redesign our cafe according to the limitations that we have had. They are always there when you need and I cannot think about working with anybody else. Highly recommended.

Yasha Jacob Michelson, Owner, Paper or Plastik

We bought a loft in Chicago without realizing that very soon we would be unhappy with the design and the flow. Our daughter, Amy, introduced us to Elissa Scrafano who threw out some ideas that sparked our interest to move forward. Elissa’s comprehensive plan helped us to formulate a new feeling, choose a contractor, and eventually a interior design person. We couldn’t be happier with the final result which exceeded our expectations. The new space works not only works for our family but has the sophistication we desire to entertain friends.

Christine McCarty, Client

Scrafano Architects are wonderful to work with. They make the process of design fun while listening to the unique needs and desires of the individual client. It is a privilege for me to get to work with them.

Derek Penfield, Ann Sacks Sales Associate